Beer, Wine & Spirits

Although the Gem State is well-known for its spuds, the state’s climate, diverse soil types and long-growing season provide ideal growing conditions for several types of crops conducive to creating excellent beer, wine and spirits.


Home to more than 80 breweries, Idaho claims one of the fastest-growing craft-beer industries in the U.S. and ranks 11th for breweries per capita. It helps that the Gem State tops the nation in barley production and is second in hops, making it an ideal location for brewing fantastic beer. Every year in April, the state celebrates Idaho Craft Beer Month, honoring the art of brewing and the brewmasters who propel the craft forward.


Thanks to its fertile volcanic soil, four distinct seasons and latitudinal location, Idaho is ripe for growing wine grapes. The state’s three American Viticultural Areas—Snake River Valley, Eagle Foothills and Lewis-Clark Valley—combine for more than 1,300 acres of vineyards. Plan your next winery tour or enjoy a glass at one of the Gem State’s 65-plus wineries and tasting rooms.

Spirits, Cider & Mead

With ten distilleries, including the country’s first restaurant distillery, Idaho does more than just dabble in distillation. The Gem State counts vodka, bourbon, brandy, rum, gin, whiskey and moonshine among its production. For fans of cider and mead, Idaho’s offering is steadily growing, benefiting from proximity to the Northwest’s finest apples as well as the bounty of local honey. Discover the best places to sip Idaho’s fine flavors.

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