South Fork of the Snake River

Fishing in Swan Valley
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The South Fork of the Snake River below Palisades Dam features world-class blue-ribbon trout fishing in a gorgeous, roadless canyon. However, fishing isn’t the only activity along this stretch of river as great wildlife spotting opportunities can also occur.

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Things To Know

  • Learn more about the river and it's surroundings here.
  • Season: Summer
  • Rating: Class 2 - 2+
  • Class 2 - Small waves and riffles: easy navigation
  • Trip length: 1 day, up to 43 miles
  • Information about camping along the river available here.
  • What to bring, wear, and know available here.
  • No matter the Class, all moving water presents some risk. Always wear a life vest and remember to raft responsibly. Also consider using one of the many experienced outfitters when enjoying Idaho's rivers.

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