Bruneau River Canyon

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The Bruneau River Canyon boasts scenic views of the Bruneau River. Discover a maze of spectacular canyons, “hoo-doo” rock spires, junipers and red volcanic cliffs in this 50-mile long stretch. The river begins at the confluence of the Jarbidge River and the West Fork Bruneau River, and in the dense wilderness, plateaus are divided by staggering, meandering river canyons. Hike here and you’ll likely see bighorn sheep, deer, cougars, coyotes, bobcats and river otters.

Bureau of Land Management: Jarbidge Field Office

Things To Know

  • Limited campsites are located along the river.
  • For any easy hike, head south through the sage fields.
  • For more information on a hike in the area click here.

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