Eagle Ridge Ranch

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Eagle Ridge Ranch is an authentic Old West cattle ranch nestled along the base of the jagged Centennial Mountains in Eastern Idaho’s Shotgun Valley. Let seasoned horses give you a taste of the 140-square miles of visually breathtaking landscapes, including red deserts, pristine mountains, meadows, lakes, creeks and grassy plains.

Enjoy morning or afternoon half-day rides, evening rides and dinner rides complete with Western Dutch Oven cooking.  For no extra charge guests may spend the day at Eagle Ridge Ranch fishing, boating and canoeing. Try your aim at the 3-D archery course or spend the night in one of the rustic cabins for an additional fee.

Eagle Ridge Ranch/ Guided Horse Rides

Things To Know

  • Everyone can ride: there is no weight limit.
  • Ages five and up ride alone, four and younger can double with an adult.
  • Helmets are available free of charge.

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