Roystone Hot Springs RV & Event Center

Hot Springs in Sweet
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Nestled in the Sweet Valley, Roystone Hot Springs RV & Event Center is a great spot for a quick dip or a day of recreation. Splash around in the natural hot springs pool or soak in the large jetted hot tub. The hot springs water comes out of the ground at 140 degrees Fahrenheit and is cooled to 98 degrees for the pool (adjusted for each season) and 104 degrees Fahrenheit for the hot tub.


Roystone Hot Springs

Things To Know

  • An outdoor recreation area and private party room are also available for special gatherings or family reunions.
  • Event center is the perfect venue for large groups. 
  • Tent camping and RV parking is available for extended stays.
  • Private or non-private swim times available, call to reserve.
  • Please check the website for more information and pricing.

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