Ridge to Rivers

Mountain Biking in Boise
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The Ridge to Rivers system is an interconnected network of roads and trails flowing through the Boise Foothills. This incredible 130 mile trail system links neighborhoods with public lands and the natural environment offering recreational opportunities for hikers, trail runners and mountain bikers of all levels.

Ridge to Rivers

Things To Know

  • The Ridge to Rivers trail system is an incredible amenity for residents and visitors to the Treasure Valley. However their location next to Idaho's largest city makes for unique challenges, as the trails receive significant use year round. With such high use, it is imperative that trail users know the rules of trail etiquette, and practice them always. This will ensure that everyone has a good experience and also help to preserve our trail system and the scenic values of the Foothills for future generations. For a list of etiquette tips please visit the Ridge to Rivers website.

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