Priest Lake

Natural Attractions in Priest Lake
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Located in the northernmost portion of Idaho’s panhandle, Priest Lake is fed by streams cascading from the Selkirk peaks and is known for its exceptionally clear water. Kayaking, canoeing or just relaxing along the shore are popular pastimes.

A variety of fish species call the lake home and anglers willing to hike to their destination will find brook trout tucked away in the numerous streams that flow into the lake.

Priest Lake Chamber of Commerce

Things To Know

  • There are a number of amenities at the lake, including motorized and non-motorized boating, boat rentals, ramps, docks, boat camping and a life jacket loaner station.
  • A wide variety of wildlife make the lake and the surrounding area their home.
  • Large private resorts on the lake including Hills Resort and Elkins Resort.
  • Several hiking trails circle the lake and connect to the Upper Priest Lake.
  • In the winter the larger resorts cater to cross country skiing, snowshoeing, and snowmobiling.

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