Teton Scenic Byway

Boasting rugged, panoramic views from “the quiet side of the Grand Teton Mountains,” the Teton Scenic Byway grants visitors plenty of opportunities to immerse themselves in Idaho’s natural beauty. Sweeping vistas transition to far-reaching fields as you continue along the byway. From waterfalls and wilderness to wide-open spaces, your adventure in eastern Idaho will be an unforgettable one.


68.9 miles
110.88 km

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2 hours, 30 minutes


Eastern Idaho

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31 Byways. 31 Ways to Be Inspired.

A variety of scenic, natural, historic, recreational, archeological and cultural experiences can be found on Idaho’s 31 scenic byways. View the video to get a taste of the adventures that await you, and start planning your next road trip.

Road Trip Tips

Turn-by-Turn Directions: The byway begins on Idaho 31 at Swan Valley; travel northeast to Idaho 33 at Victor, then north on Idaho 33 to Idaho 32 and finally north on Idaho 32 to Idaho 47 at Ashton.

Full Services in: Swan Valley, Victor, Driggs, Tetonia and Ashton

Motorcycle Route: Yes

Full Services: When gas, food and lodging are available

Partial Services: When gas and a few other facilities are available

Nearby Adventures

Explore Idaho’s pristine wilderness via horseback or bask in the beauty of a waterfall. These adventures and more await you along the Teton Scenic Byway.

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