Travel Responsibly

When conditions become unpredictable, find up-to-date travel information to keep your Idaho adventure on track.

Stay in the know and plan with ease.

With its wide-open spaces and serene landscapes, Idaho has plenty of room to roam and adventure with ease. Our priority is to keep you safe as you explore our beautiful state, so please remember to travel and recreate responsibly.

Here are some tips to help you travel safely and with peace of mind:

Verify before your vacay: Before you embark on your Gem State getaway, be sure to check in with destinations, event organizers and businesses to keep up to date with destination hours, weather conditions, and road construction.

Be prepared: Bring the essentials – water, toilet paper, some food – and be prepared to pack it out if camping or in the backcountry. Public restrooms in parks, rest areas or gas stations may not be open. Plan for the inevitable and take advantage of restrooms when available, especially when traveling with young kids.

Be Bear Aware: Look for signage at campgrounds for bear boxes and stay aware. Keep a clean camp and use food lockers or follow the campground’s food storage guidelines for properly storing food while in the area. Use trash bins to store trash away from your campsite. While away from your camp, secure food, and garbage at all times.

Fire Safety: Make sure you follow current fire precautions and make sure they are dead out before you leave your campsite. Please follow these important fire safety tips.

Pack in, Pack Out: Pack in all the food and water you will need for the trip plus all safety essentials such as a flashlight, trash bags, a wind and rain jacket, hat, sunscreen, and sunglasses. After you have used it, pack it out. Leave No Trace so the next group can have the same restorative experience.

Use these additional resources to help in your travel planning:

Note: A section of Idaho ID Hwy. 55 between Smiths Ferry and the Rainbow Bridge – a primary route between Boise and McCall – will be closed for road construction for an extended period. Full road closures will occur. Please check the website for more information.

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