Spring has sprung and now summer is in full swing. These snapshots of some of Idaho’s hidden gems will have you ready to pack up and explore every scenic nook and cranny in the state. And who knows? Maybe your shot will be featured in next month’s recap of breathtaking Idaho.

1. @everchanginghorizon

Who’s taking a three-day weekend?

Sawtooth Wilderness. #VisitIdaho Share: @everchanginghorizon

2. @rchittner

Rise and shine.

#VisitIdaho Share: @rchittner

3. @idawoodsv

Anyone headed to Boulder Mountain this summer?

Ketchum, Idaho. #VisitIdaho Share: @idawoodsv

4. @marksolon

A day at the lake.

Payette Lake. #VisitIdaho Share: @marksolon

5. @kylevandever

The heart of Idaho.

Hagerman. #VisitIdaho Share: @kylevandever

6. @packtography  

When the light is just right.

Teton Valley, Idaho. #VisitIdaho Share: @packtography

7. @chelseakauai

“Every sunrise and sunset the horses run to and from the stables, the sound of their hooves like chapters in my mind demarcating the story of our weekend.” 

Western Pleasure Guest Ranch. #VisitIdaho Share: @chelseakauai

8. @kylevandever

Where’s your favorite place to camp?

Redfish Lake. #VisitIdaho Share: @kylevandever

9. @lukebarrett.cinematography

“I’m sailing away, set an open course…”

Snake River. #VisitIdaho Share: @lukebarrett.cinematography

10. @shadow.boxer

What’s your favorite song to play on road trips?

Twin Falls, Idaho. #VisitIdaho Share: @shadow.boxer

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Published on June 27, 2017