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Part of the Treefort experience is seeing music and performances in untraditional spaces throughout downtown Boise. You can catch a show in a coffee shop, a restaurant, a parking lot, a basement, and on the city bus. There’s stages in the streets, at the skatepark, at breweries and in bookstores. Treefort’s mission is to be a festival of discovery, and in addition to discovering new music, Treeforting gives you the opportunity to explore new spaces and places in Boise.  

Thee people on rollerskates wearing bright orange rompers and a single giant eyeball on each of their heads. All three rollerskaters are standing in front of an orange Treefort sign.
Treefort is ready to takeover downtown Boise. Photo credit: Treefort Music Fest/Conner Schumacher.

Treefort 2023 has more new venues than ever before! In addition to taking over part of Julia Davis Park, Treefort will take place in all kinds of nooks & crannies throughout downtown Boise. 

Here are some new venues to discover at Treefort 11:

Treefort Music Hall

722. W. Broad Street | Wristband Required | All Ages

Treefort Music Hall is a new year-round, all-ages, artist forward, state-of-the-art music and events venue by Duck Club Entertainment (the creators of Treefort Music Fest). This March will be the debut for Treefort Music Hall. While it won’t be done done (the grand opening set for June 2023), the venue will be up and running to see some amazing artists in a brand new space. 

Treefort Music Hall is open to all ages and will have live music all five days of Treefort, plus Yogafort classes on Saturday and Sunday mornings. All shows and Yogafort events are included with a Festival or Single Day Pass. Non-passholders can purchase a Treefort Music Hall Pass ($30) and see all live music performances on the given day(s).

Bus Station

339 N 12th Street| Wristband Required | All Ages

Treefort has transformed the former Greyhound Bus Station at 12th and Bannock Streets in downtown Boise into a wild world of art, music, and immersive experiences.  

The Bus Station will be home to Artfort events, plus music and drinks at the Hound Garage, Hound Lot, and Hound Lounge. Mad Alchemy Liquid Light Show will be back (debuted at Treefort last year at Sonic Temple) to project their psychedelic light show at both Hound Garage and Hound Lot stages. All events within the Bus Station require a Festival Pass. Single day entry will be available at the Bus Station for $20 at the door.

Hound Garage is inside the Bus Station and will have live music Thursday, March 23 through Sunday, March 26. 

Hound Lot is the parking lot of the Bus Station. Here you can find live music Thursday, March 23 through Sunday, March 26. Foodfort will also host a big ol’ BBQ here with Tuffy Stone on Saturday, March 25 from 12-4pm. There is a full bar and some food at the Hound Lot. 

Hound Lounge is the lobby of the Bus Station. This is your entry point for this year’s Artfort experience and where you will find the Alefort Cocktail Showcase. 

Artfort at the Bus Station includes live dance and movement performances on Thursday, March 23 through Sunday, March 26, plus a workshop with BRENDA ARTS on Saturday, March 25. 

A person holds up their hand in front of a neon pink and white Treefort Music Fest sign.
Photo credit: Treefort Music Fest/Aaron Rodriguez.

Old School

618 S. 8th Street | Wristband Required | All Ages

Old School is located directly across Capitol Boulevard from Julia Davis Park, within the former Foothills School building. Old School will have all ages shows Thursday, March 23 through Sunday, March 26. 
Be sure to check out the Old School Atrium, an installation that combines projection, physical structure, and sound to bring festival-goers into an ethereal realm. The Old School Atrium is the creation of Second Brain, a student-led DIY art collective consisting of Gus Marsden, Rafferty Clark, Pen Wilson, and Treye K.


Freak Alley Gallery| Free & Public | All Ages

The Cyclops stage is a new addition to Treefort and will be located in the middle of Freak Alley Gallery, the largest outdoor art gallery in the Northwest! Catch a show on a stage in the core of downtown Boise, surrounded by some of the most iconic and interesting art in the city. All shows at Cyclops Stage are free and open to the public of all ages.

Spacebar Arcade

620 W Idaho Street, Suite 100| Wristband Required| 21+

Spacebar is a tried & true Treefort venue, however this year’s fest will be the debut of Spacebar’s brand new location! Catch a show at Spacebar Wednesday through Saturday of Treefort, and pop in anytime through the five days of Treefort to play your favorite arcade games. Spacebar is a 21+ venue and requires a Festival Pass to enter. 

Julia Davis Park

700 S. Capitol Blvd | Free & Wristband Required | All Ages

Julia Davis Park is the Treefort 11 Main Hub. The festival is located in the West section of Julia Davis Park, between Capitol Boulevard and Zoo Boise. There are seven total stages within this section of the park, split amongst two zones: the Fort Zone (free & public) and the Wristband Zone.

illustrated map of treefort music fest in Julia Davis park.
Treefort Music Fest 2023 Julia Davis Park map. Photo credit: Treefort Music Fest.

Treefort Main Stage

Wristband Zone @ Julia Davis Park | Wristband Required | All Ages

The Main Stage is the heart of Treefort Music Fest. Nearly all of the top tier names on the lineup perform on this stage, and just like in years’ past, 2023 boasts a wide variety of music for all five days! 

Catch Treefort headliners and faves on the Main Stage for only $50! With a Festival, Single Day or Main Stage Wristband you can access the wristbanded area at Julia Davis Park on the day(s) you wish to attend, which includes access to programming at two stages (Main Stage + Hideout Stage), art, bars and more. Kids under age 12 can enter the Wristband Zone for free with an adult passholder.

Hideout Stage

Wristband Zone @ Julia Davis Park | Wristband Required | All Ages

The Hideout is not technically new – it’s typically in a location near the Main Stage. This year is no different, The Hideout is adjacent to the new Main Stage within the Wristband Zone of Julia Davis Park. 

The Hideout has stellar lineups each day of the fest, with set times that alternate with the Main Stage. That means you can chill in the Wristband Zone all afternoon and evening without skipping a beat. The Hideout is open to all ages. Access is included with a Festival, Single Day or Main Stage Wristband.

Musician Joshy Soul, dressed in burgundy pants, a light colored shirt, and light colored suspenders, dances on stage in front of a Treefort sign.
Joshy Soul knows how to have a good time at Treefort. Photo credit: Treefort Music Fest/Peter Lovera.

Garden Dome

Wristband Zone @ Julia Davis Park | Wristband Required | All Ages

Check out this new chill space within the Wristband Zone of Julia Davis Park. The Garden Dome will have live performances throughout the festival featuring surprise appearances, chill djs, and more. The Garden Dome is open to all ages and requires a Festival, Single Day or Main Stage Wristband.

Gene Harris Bandshell

Fort Zone @ Julia Davis Park | Free & Public | All Ages

Catch some stellar shows under the sun at this historic performance venue! The Bandshell was built in 1928 and dedicated to American jazz soul pianist Gene Harris in 2001. It was (sadly) set on fire in 2018, then restored and reopened in 2021. Treefort will have shows at one of Boise’s most historic performance venues all five days of the fest. Once the sun sets, Mad Alchemy Liquid Light Show (as seen at Treefort 2022 in Sonic Temple) will set the vibe at the Bandshell. 

The Bandshell will have live music all five days of Treefort 11. All shows at The Bandshell are free and open to the public of all ages, no wristband required.

Alefort Lounge

Fort Zone @ Julia Davis Park | Free & Public | All Ages

In addition to wine and cider, Alefort Lounge is where you’ll find the Treefort Gallery plus two special weekend shows: a Comedyfort brunch set on Saturday, March 25 and a Dragfort brunch show on Sunday, March 26. Keep an eye on the official schedule for other pop-up performances throughout the weekend. Alefort Lounge is free and open to the public of all ages.

Two children and one adult are dressed in colorful attire performing as a band on cardboard instruments at Kidfort.
Spend some time at Kidfort. Photo credit: Treefort Music Fest/Conner Schumacher.

The Nest Stage at Kidfort

Fort Zone @ Julia Davis Park | Free & Public | All Ages

On Saturday and Sunday of Treefort 11, The Nest Stage will be in full swing with all kinds of Kidfort activities! Catch a show, color your own Kidfort tee, sing along to campfire songs or learn to play an instrument of your own. Kidfort is free and open to kids of all ages.

Fettle Forest

Fort Zone @ Julia Davis Park | Free & Public | All Ages

Calling all sober, sober curious, or “just not drinking right now” festival goers: Fettle Forest is a new alcohol-free chill sanctuary space made with you in mind. Serving nonalcoholic beverages with a comfy vibe all five days of Treefort, Fettle Forest is a great place to take a break during the fest. It’s free and open to the public of all ages. Anyone is welcome, just please leave your potent potions behind. This is a sober space!

Still have a few questions about the new Treefort layout? Or maybe you’re curious about parking and how to get around? I’ve got covered when it comes to navigating a new Treefort.

See you out there!

Feature image credited to Treefort Music Fest/Peter Lovera.

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Published on March 14, 2023