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Starting at the crossing of the Snake River, the Oregon Trail Backcountry Byway follows the route of the pioneers as they crossed the Idaho desert. Take a journey back in time as you walk in the ruts created by thousands of emigrants in search of a new home. Much of this route appears the same today as it did when pioneers traveled this route.

Things To Know

  • Location: The byway starts at Glenns Ferry, 75 miles southeast of Boise. It can be reached from exit 121 off I-84.
  • Attractions include numerous historical sites can be found along the route. These include Three Island Crossing of the Snake River, the hot springs site, Canyon Creek, and Mayfield.
  • Drive Time: 102 miles. It is an all-day trip from Boise.
  • Full services available in Glenns Ferry and Mtn. Home; no services along the byway.
  • Plan ahead to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip (fill up on gas, pack water and food, etc.).