Just two hours southeast of Boise, Twin Falls offers an abundance of recreational activities for the adventurer at heart. You can Zip the Snake for thrills high above the river in the Snake River Canyon, or take a day trip to Pomerelle to catch some spring skiing… Or, if you’re like me, you may opt to take a weekend to enjoy a more leisurely kind of adventure.

Living in Boise for the past eight years, I have been to Twin Falls a time or two, but never exclusively for a vacation.  Luckily, there are plenty of awesome resources to plan such an adventure (this website, for instance), including Idaho Calendar and Visit South Idaho. With a game plan in hand, I booked a room at the beautiful Blue Lakes Inn, packed up the car and headed out for 48 hours in Twin Falls. Below, you will see the pointers and suggestions I have for making the most of your leisurely time there!

Make Stops Along The Way

Even though it only takes around two hours to get to Twin Falls from Boise, I am always up for stops along the way. One option is to take a short detour to Bruneau Dunes State Park to explore the tallest freestanding sand dunes in North America, or, since this was a trip of leisure, we chose to stop at Crossings Winery for a little tasting. Nestled just south of Interstate 84 in Glenns Ferry, Crossings Winery boasts a beautiful event space (hosting all sorts of events for the public!), a restaurant, golf course, and of course, the tasting room. If you purchase a bottle of wine, your tasting fee is waived, and might I recommend the Bleu Noir (yum!) as your purchase.

Wine display at Crossings Winery

Take In The View

Cruising in from the north, you can’t help but notice the structural masterpiece known as the Perrine Bridge.  Not only is it easy on the eyes, but it is also the only man-made structure in the United States where BASE jumping is allowed year-round. If you think you’re brave enough to take this leap, you may want to check out Tandem Base to schedule your own tandem jump.

Perrine Bridge in Winter

Just south of the bridge, the new Twin Falls Visitor Center has tons of interactive displays and information to explore. We stopped in first thing to pick up some maps of the area and to chat with the volunteers about where to get lunch (and to use the restroom, of course). Unfortunately, it was a rather windy day so we didn’t get to see any BASE jumpers from the Center, but many of them use the area outside to load their packs and prepare for the jump!

Twin FAlls VIsitor Center from the outside in winter


The real question is, what DIDN’T we eat while in Twin Falls…. And the answer is nothing; we ate it all.

We started our feasting with lunch and a view at Elevation 486. Not only does this place have an amazing view of the Snake River from atop the canyon, it also hosts an array of Idaho-grown products on the menu. I, trying to balance the fact that I knew this was going to be one of many meals I had on the trip, tried to keep it simple with a sandwich and salad. My traveling buddy, however, decided this was vacation and went big. Check out this photo of the “Danger Dog,” he consumed. The only way I can describe it is like a sausage dog hoping to be a burrito when it grows up.

overloaded hotdog from Elevation 486

We also enjoyed dinner at Slice, a new pizza place we discovered while walking around downtown Twin, and brunch at The Buffalo Café on our way out of town Sunday. Word to the wise – the Buffalo Café serves a MONSTER brunch, so go hungry, and don’t plan on eating again until you sleep some of it off.

Buffalo Chips at the Buffalo Cafe in Twin Falls

See A Show

Between the College of Southern Idaho and the Orpheum Theater,  there is bound to be a show going on while you are in Twin Falls! Being a comedy lover, I was stoked to discover The All-Star Improv Comedy Show at the beautiful Orpheum. Katie Neff and Steve Kaminski are the real deal. Both  trained and preformed with The Second City in Chicago and this husband and wife duo has an energy on stage that you can’t help but love.

All Star Improv Comedy Show at Opherum THeater

Explore The Campus

The College of Southern Idaho hosts an array of activities, including musicals, athletic competitions, and is home to the Herrett Center for Arts and Science. Ever traveled through space? Me either, and that’s why I would totally recommend checking out the planetarium while you’re in town (see their website for the most up-to-date information on showtimes). Outside the planetarium is an awesome museum highlighting natural history and contemporary art, reptiles, and a kids section.

Herrett Center for Arts and Science Mammoth Skeleton

Take In The Falls

Even though we couldn’t access the trails due to the snow, there is plenty to see when venturing to Shoshone Falls. This natural wonder, taller than Niagara Falls, is open for both winter and summer activities, and regardless of the time of year, it’s a sight to behold. The best time to catch Shoshone Falls in action is spring and summer.

Man looking out into Shoshone Falls

Our 48 hours was jammed packed, and we loved every moment of it. When you make your trip to Twin Falls, be sure to share your adventure with #visitidaho.

Amy Rajkovich

Published on March 17, 2016