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As a lifelong Idahoan, I thought I had seen most of what my home state had to offer, but it wasn’t until I got into photography that I really began to appreciate its beauty. There are so many things to photograph here, from amazing waterfalls to majestic mountains to the awe-inspiring night skies. People say I’m crazy for waking up so early, but witnessing the sun rise over Idaho’s breathtaking landscape is well worth the alarm going off before dawn.

Here’s a look at some of the most Instagram-worthy gems I’ve discovered while on my Idaho explorations and this is clearly just the beginning.

Foggy sunrise in Ammon with two horses.
Foggy sunrise in Ammon with a few friendly faces.
sunrise over a river
Cool, crisp morning along the Fall River near Sheep Falls.
a hawk sitting on fence in front of the Teton Mountain Range.
Majestic views of the Teton Mountain Range.
starry night behind an old wooden building.
Starry night in Swan Valley.
sunrise over the Perrine Bridge.
Sunrise over the Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls.
waterfall crashing into a river.
Upper Mesa Falls along the Henry’s Fork of the Snake River.
sunrise on hay fields.
Golden morning in the hay fields.
waterfall along the edge of a river.
Fall Creek Falls on a rainy, but serene morning.
Sunrise over Fall Creek Falls.
Sunrise over Fall Creek Falls.
Snowy morning along Palisades Creek.
Snowy morning along Palisades Creek.
sunset on a canola field.
Last light in the canola fields.
sunset over a dock floating in the water.
Beautiful evening on a dock in Island Park.

All photos, including feature image, are credited to Josh Packer.

Josh Packer is a full-time CPA  who is obsessed with landscape photography and  exploring Idaho. He lives in Ammon with his wife and three boys. Find more from Josh on Facebook, Instagram and on the web.

Published on July 15, 2016