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It’s officially sweater weather— fireplaces are crackling to life and everything’s dusted in pumpkin spice. As fall rapidly snowballs into winter, it signals the start of a delicious time of year: sugar season.  If you’re looking to savor some unique treats this sweater season, head to these six Boise sugar shacks for a decadent dessert fix.

Fork’s Signature Warm Butter Cake

cake dessert
Savor a Signature Warm Butter Cake at Fork. Photo Credit Tara Morgan.

It starts with the smell—a buttery perfume that turns heads at Fork. Once it’s set on the table, a zig-zag drizzle of Oregon berry coulis on top and a rivulet of melted Cloverleaf ice cream running down the side, the conversation will fade into reverent silence. Sink your fork into the dense, egg yolk-yellow cake and watch the steam rise as you twirl the cake in a puddle of sweet cream.

Barbacoa’s Fried Ice Cream Lollipop Tree

lollipop cake dessert
Devour this sensory treat at Barbacoa. Photo Credit: Tara Morgan.

If you like your sweets on the flashy side, head to Boise’s glittering temple of whimsy, Barbacoa. Whether you opt for the Bananas Foster, a currant-studded bread pudding with a brandied sauce flambeed tableside, or the Fried Ice Crema Lollipop Tree, you’re in for a sensory treat. Coated in a mix of crushed cereal, Barbacoa’s Ice Cream Lollipops are served from a twisted metal tree with a side of sticky honey to drizzle messily over each bite.

Chandler’s Double Belgian Chocolate Souffle

chocolate souffle
The chocolate souffle from Chandler’s is worth the wait. Photo Credit: Chandler’s.

Chandler’s Chocolate Souffle requires patience. It takes time to prepare this delicate dessert—a decadent puff of Belgian chocolate with an impossible airy-yet-custardy texture. But when it finally arrives at the table fresh from the oven and your server plies it open with a spoon to pour melty chocolate sauce into its piping core and tops it with a tuft of Grand Marnier whipped cream, you’ll know it was well worth the wait.

Guru Donuts’ The Cinderella

Find your fall fix at Guru Donuts. Photo Credit: Tara Morgan.

If you’re looking for a fall fix you can feel good about, head to Guru Donuts for a vegan Cinderella donut, a raised vegan bismarck filled with cinnamon-spiced pumpkin pie filling that’s dunked in apple cider glaze and sprinkled with graham cracker pie crumb. Guru’s vegan creations are made with flax seeds, coconut milk, and demerara sugar, making these frosted treats a little less devilish than most. But don’t worry, you can still live it up Homer Simpson-style with one of Guru’s double chocolate donuts glazed with chocolate fudge and topped with rainbow sprinkles, or a Maple Bacon Bar with brown sugar-crisped bacon, chili flakes and black pepper atop a sticky maple glaze.

Flour Child’s Unicorn Macaroons

unicorn shaped macaroons
Photo Credit: Flour Child Bakery via Instagram (@flourchildboise).

Instagrammers are consistently wowed by Flour Child’s photogenic confections—everything from gilded butterbeer-flavored Golden Snitch macaroons to swirling s’mores tarts to intricate wedding cakes adorned with edible sugar succulents and blackberries. But fans go particularly nuts for the Boise bakery’s adorable unicorn macaroons. Featuring fluttering eyelashes, blushing cheeks, a golden horn and a dusting of rainbow sprinkles, these magical delights have a colorful Fruity Pebble core. In the warmer months, the bakery also offers its Unicorn Macaroons as mini ice cream sandwiches. But beware: these ridiculously cute creatures sell out super fast.

Janjou Pâtisserie’s Loz Tart

chocolate pastry
Sample something exquisite at Janjou Patisserie. Photo Credit: Tara Morgan.

Most people hesitate before taking their first bite from a Janjou Patisserie tart. The thought of wrecking something so pristinely crafted and breathtakingly beautiful can inspire a creeping sense of guilt. But the sweet tooth always prevails. Plunge your fork through the Loz Tart—with its immaculate teardrop crown of Valrhona milk chocolate chantilly cream and a half hazelnut perched like a jewel on the brim—and you’ll be rewarded with a gooey milk chocolate caramel center and crumbly almond butter crust. Or savagely bite through the snakey swirls of coffee chantilly and milk chocolate almond glaze on Janjou’s Opera Cake to reveal a dark chocolate cake with dark chocolate cremeux. It’s a shame to destroy something so exquisite—a deliciously decadent shame that demands repeating.

Feature image credited to Tara Morgan.

Tara Morgan is a freelance food and booze writer. She’s an Editor at Edible Idaho Magazine, writes for publications like VIA Magazine and SIP Northwest and runs the website Boise Feed. She loves an epic dinner party, good design, bad puns and pretty much every French rosé ever made.

Published on November 30, 2017