If you’ve seen the Teach Me To Wonder mini film and you’re wondering where that spectacular snow-packed adventure was in Idaho, then look no further! We’ve outlined the locations from the short film and given you the original poem to inspire you to make your winter vacation wonder-ful.

A little girl catching a snowflake on her tongue.
Teach Me To Wonder. Photo Credit: Idaho Tourism

Filming Locations

1. Payette National Forest

Trees covered in snow.
Payette National Forest, Near McCall. Photo Credit: Idaho Tourism

The Payette National Forest spans 2.3 million acres in Idaho and a portion of the forest is located near McCall. This diverse forest area offers a variety of winter adventures including cross-country skiing,  snowshoeing, guided snowmobiling experiences, and hot spring soaks.

2. Teton Valley

Teton Mountains covered in snow.
Teton Valley, Near Driggs. Photo Credit: Idaho Tourism

Teton Valley is located near Driggs in eastern Idaho and offers legendary views of the Teton Mountain Range.  Try your hand at snow-laden adventures by renting a fat bike and riding the Ashton-Tetonia Trail or head over to Grand Targhee Resort to check out all varieties of skiing, snowshoeing and snow tubing.

3. Lake Cascade

A family snowshoeing near a snow-covered lake in Idaho.
Lake Cascade, Near Cascade. Photo Credit: Idaho Tourism

Lake Cascade is located near Cascade and offers snow-packed adventure on every side of the lake. Head into the state park to suit of for snowshoeing or Nordic skiing on groomed trails or try your luck with ice fishing.

4. Payette River Scenic Byway

A snow-covered river near a road.
Payette River Scenic Byway, Near Donnelly. Photo Credit: Idaho Tourism

The Payette River Scenic Byway winds between New Meadows and Boise following the Payette River with scenic stops in McCall, Cascade and Horseshoe Bend.  Drive slowly on the snowy roads as you enjoy sweeping views of the icy river, frosted valleys, and powder-coated mountains.

5. Tamarack Resort

A family skiing at Tamarack Resort.
Tamarack Resort, Near Donnelly. Photo Credit: Idaho Tourism

Tamarack Resort is located near the mountain town of Donnelly and offers a variety of downhill, backcountry and cross-country skiing.

Teach Me To Wonder

Show me the world soft with snow,
Foothills powdered white,
Lead me along ridges and valleys,
Past the treeline,
Let me taste thin winter air
Swirling round highest peaks.

Teach me to wander.
To play,
To explore.
I’ll follow your boot steps,
Trace your tracks,
We’ll slip and slide over hills and mountains
My mittened hand in yours.

Wander with me.
Wonder with me.
Marvel at each snowflake resting on my cheek,
Catch me as we speed down snowy crest,
Carry me to crackling fires, warm me in your arms.

For come each winter’s turn,
I’ll ask for steeper climbs.
I’ll adventure away,
Your tracks won’t always swallow mine.
When soon I hold another hand,
Perhaps my own small wanderer,
I’ll remember the song you taught me to sing,
Of winter
And magic
And wonder.

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Published on November 7, 2018