Lower Payette River Heritage Byway

Scenic Byway/Backcountry Drive in Idaho

The Lower Payette River Heritage Byway meanders along the pristine Lower Payette River, following in the footsteps of past settlers hoping for land and a new life. If you look closely, you can still see the ruts carved by wagons on The Goodale Trail, which follows the river.

Things To Know

  • Location: The byway follows Highway 52 from Payette to Horseshoe Bend for 53 miles.
  • Attractions include Black Canyon Reservoir and Dam, Roystone Hot Springs, and Montour Wildlife Refuge.
  • The towns of Payette and Emmett feature a number of historical sites to explore.
  • Services are available in Payette and Emmett; partial services in Horseshoe Bend. Plan ahead to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip (fill up on gas, pack water and food, etc.).