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An inspirational video series that captures the essence of the Idaho travel experience, from family-friendly jaunts to heart-pounding thrills, while showcasing the state’s diverse geography and jaw‑dropping beauty.

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Want to explore the Idaho fall foliage this year? Here are a few places to check out in each region of the state.⁠
Northern Idaho:⁠
🍁 Selkirk Loop⁠
🍁 Kootenai National Wildlife Refuge⁠
🍁St. Joe River Scenic Byway ⁠
Central Idaho:⁠
🍁 Salmon River Scenic Byway ⁠
🍁 Ponderosa Pine Scenic Byway ⁠
Southwest Idaho:⁠
🍁 Boise Greenbelt⁠
🍁 Eagle Island State Park⁠
🍁 Three Island Crossing⁠
🍁 Payette River Scenic Byway⁠
🍁 Wildlife Canyon Scenic Byway⁠
Eastern Idaho:⁠
🍁 Mesa Falls Scenic Byway⁠
🍁 Upper & Lower Mesa Falls⁠
Make sure to tag us and use #IdahoFoliagefinds to share your leaf peeping adventures with us!⁠
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Peace is the Idaho Mountains reflecting off of an alpine lake. ⛰⁠
📸: @allie_mottsauce
This year when you go searching for fall leaves, make sure to tag us with the hashtag #idahofoliagefinds⁠
📸: @_kimber.k_⁠
Have you found any fall leaves yet? Tell us below. 👇👇
Idaho sunsets, amirite? ⁠
📸 :
These cooler temps have us really excited about the fall season. ⁠
Apple season has already started and we are so excited it's that time of year.⁠
Here are a few apple orchards to get you started on your apple picking journey :⁠
🍏Anderson Apple Ranch⁠
🍎Candy Apple Orchard⁠
🍏Crimson Gem Orchard⁠
🍎Tyler Rocky Point Orchard⁠
🍏Williams Fruit Ranch⁠
🍎Cabalo's Orchard and Gardens⁠
Have you been apple picking yet? Tell us about it in the comments below.👇⁠
📸: @dkeist
It's officially Fall! ⁠
We can't wait for the weather to catch up. 🍁🍂⁠
In the meantime, tell us in the comments below what you're most excited about during the fall season. 👇👇⁠