Oregon Trail-Bear Lake Scenic Byway

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Bear Lake straddles the Idaho-Utah border and boasts sandy beaches, great water sports, fishing, boating, and the famous Bear Lake State Park. The lake has been called the Caribbean of the Rockies because of its distinctive turquoise waters. In Montpelier, visitors can learn about the great migration west at the National Oregon-California Trail Center. There are 13 Oregon-California Trail sites identified in the Soda Springs area. Soda Springs is also home to the world’s only captive geyser, timed to spout into the air every hour.


Lake To Lava

Things To Know

  • Location: Begins at the Utah state line and follows U.S. 89 north to U.S. 30, then north and west to Soda Springs, where it meets the Pioneer Historic Byway.
  • Attractions include Bear Lake State Park, Minnetonka Cave, and Lava Hot Springs.
  • Drive Time: 54 miles. Allow 1 hour.
  • Plan ahead to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip (fill up on gas, pack water and food, etc.).